Protecting the environment with Olivetti

Active participation in protecting the environment has always been on Olivetti’s list of top priorities and, as an Authorised Olivetti provider, we also take this issue very seriously indeed.

To protect the environment and, therefore, the planet, a lasting compromise must be established between technological development and focus on protecting the environment. Olivetti has endorsed this concept, providing its contribution world-wide and has achieved ISO14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management.

One very representative value of how Olivetti products comply with this standard and which is also required for the Energy Star certificate is TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption). The TEC value is measured in KW/h per working week by representing a typical office environment and its data work-flow of copying, printing, scanning and faxing. Calculations take into account fluctuations throughout the day so are really very accurate.

For instance, in Sleep Mode, the Olivetti d-Color MF254, d-Color MF304 and d-Color MF364 MFPs have an energy absorption of only 0.6 W, as well as significantly reduced TEC absorption (Typical Electric Consumption), which will also reduce their running costs.

Please download the Olivetti Secure Environment Brochure below.

Olivetti Environment Brochure


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