I can’t print to my MFP.

Switch the machine off completely, leave for 10 secs, then switch back on. Try again but if this doesn’t work, call Abbey Office Solutions for assistance.

I can print but I can’t scan to my folder.

Have you changed your computer or your password recently? If yes, the destination settings will need to be confirmed or changed. Call Abbey Office Solutions for assistance.

I can scan to folder but not to email.

Your email server settings may have changed. You will need to contact your IT Support or Abbey Office Solutions for assistance.

My machine is asking for a new Imaging Unit / Drum Unit / Transfer Belt / Fuser.

Contact Abbey Office Solutions for assistance.

I have just used my last toner.

Abbey Office Solutions should receive an email from the machine if it is networked and will be dropping a new toner off shortly. If you are unsure, please call.

I have a line on my copies when I use the document feeder only.

Clean the slit glass next to the large piece of glass (platen) under the feeder.

I have a coloured or blank line running through my prints and copies.

Refer to your copier’s user guide for clean procedures.

My machine won’t switch on?

Some machines have 2 power switches, ensure both are switched on.

I have an error code on my machine?

Restart the machine by turning the main power switch off, wait 10 secs and switch it back on. If the problem returns, contact Abbey Office Solutions for assistance.

I have received an email from Abbey Office Solutions with a form attached, what is this?

This will be a request for your meter reading(s) to enable us to raise the monthly invoice for your usage. Please follow the instructions on the form and return it to us as soon as possible.

I need new settings added for printing or scanning.

If you are unsure how to do this, contact Abbey Office Solutions for assistance. If you have network support cover, this service is included. If not, a charge may apply. We can check when you make the call.

What do I do with old toner cartridges?

Sadly photocopier toner containers are not recycled like printer cartridges. The plastic however is generally recyclable so can go in your recycle bin.

What do I do with old waste toner cartridges?

If the waste container came with a toner cartridge, this can be disposed of in your general waste. If the waste container was a separate item, it may be recyclable. Please check the packaging or with Abbey Office Solutions to clarify.

I am printing a PDF document but some of the text is either missing or incorrect or I get lots of places with just symbols on it.

Most likely, this is a postscript error. You will need to install a postscript printer driver or contact either your IT support or Abbey Office Solutions for assistance.

We are moving offices, what do we need to do?

Firstly inform Abbey Office Solutions of the move date and full location of the new address. Secondly discuss moving arrangements for the devices you have from us. We offer relocation services at a cost dependant on location. You can use your own removal company or move it yourselves but you may be liable for any damage caused.